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Gutters Only – Do it yourself 5k

$5 plf plus $100 delivery fee general Puget Sound area

$5 plf you pick up –

What is do are called ‘roll outs’

I simply make the gutters to length, either at your location (necessary if too long to transport) or my shop (only possible if you not too long for transport)

5k Gutters in most colors – although odd colors may cost extra and take time to order if not available in local supply chain. Most gutter companies will not make you gutters without a contract to install the gutters.. I will simply make your gutters and you can do the rest .




$5 per linear foot (plus delivery fee if applicable) for common available colors – your gutters extruded in your driveway or out front in available flat area.



White will be the easiest color to get, other colors are available but it may cost extra if local supply companies have to order special.



$5 per linear foot if you pick up. Obviously this will only work for shorter gutters. There is no additional delivery fee.



In addition to the per linear foot cost there is a $100 delivery fee. If all you need is 10′ gutter, go to lowes, but if you need a 40′ gutter, see me.



If you are looking for a long gutter I will need a flat space to set up. Long gutters are not easy to carry – takes about 1 person per every 20 feet minimum to carry



The photos show the work I do – installing under deck panels, which include 5k gutters



$100 delivery fee covers approximately 2 hours of travel time maximum which covers most of the greater Puget Sound area – King Co, Snohomish Co, Pierce Co., etc… outside of this range may require an additional fee.

There literally are dozens and dozens of colors to choose from but unfortunately the coil suppliers typically do not stock most of them… white, off white, brown will be available in most cases.. other colors may take a special order, time for delivery and extra cost.

Standard 5k

Lots of color choices

Great for DIY’ers that want to save some money

Under Deck Panels… not included :)

Why am I doing this

I once needed a gutter, customer wanted to change the plan and I didn’t have the gutter they wanted – I couldn’t find a gutter company that would help me. The only one that would wanted $12 per foot … which is crazy expensive … so here I am offering gutters for the do yourself and small contractors

Located south of Issaquah if interested in pick up – I can easily deliver as far north as Everett and south to Tacoma. Additional fees may apply if traveling greater distances.

If interested in the under deck panel product please visit

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